Our Pilots

POWDER SOUTH works with the best helicopter pilots in the ski industry. We partner with Inaer, one of the top three helicopter companies in the world, as well as experienced Swiss heli-ski pilots whose reputation for high-altitude flying and mountain rescue is unsurpassed. Our experienced European mountain pilots not only fly our clients to the top of stunning ski and snowboard descents, they also train and share their flying expertise and heli-ski tactics with the best local Chilean pilots. The joint partnership between Inaer, Swiss heli-ski pilots, and POWDER SOUTH HELI-SKI GUIDES provides an unparalleled level of safety and quality heli-ski experience, resulting in more skiing and snowboarding with greater efficiency.

Our team of pilots is highly trained with thousands of hours of flight time in the Andes and other mountain ranges around the world, including the Himalayas, the Alps, and Turkey. They know the Andes Mountain Range remarkably well, manage landing zones at high altitude with superior expertise, and demonstrate the dedication expected of experienced Swiss mountain heli-ski pilots.

Each helicopter is equipped with a GPS, satellite phone, VHF radio to maintain contact with the lodge and our guides, first aid, oxygen, avalanche rescue and survival equipment. We use primarily state-of-the-art AS 350-B3 helicopters, with Bell 407 helicopters standing by. They are by far the best machines for heli-skiing in the Andes.