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Powder South is the premier helicopter skiing operation in Chilean Andes mountains. In operation since 2002, we pioneered heli skiing in Chile, Argentina, Patagonia and across South America. We can custom tailor a heli-ski package for your group to match the terrain, location, and luxury accommodations to build your dream trip!

Heli Skiing

Nestled in the breathtaking Chilean Central Andes, Powder South offers an unrivaled heli-skiing experience, accessing diverse landscapes, from majestic glaciated Andean peaks to thrilling steep ridges and gullies.

In Chile, we average only one down day per week, with beautiful sunny days in between. With the Pacific Ocean 160km to the west, the high altitude of the Andes provides the perfect combination of champagne powder in a maritime snowpack!

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Puma Lodge Spa
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We partner with only the best 5-star hotels and finest luxury Chilean mountain lodges with their gourmet culinary staff. Our partner lodges lodges, nestled in the remote Andes: Puma, Altiplanico and the VIK lodges, are jewels of the Chilean ski experience.

Great skiing, luxurious accommodations, fantastic food, and you is our recipe for success!

Follow the Powder this Summer!

Find out when it's snowing and we have last minute seats available on our trips! We'll keep you up to date on the latest powder reports from Chile.


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