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Discover an array of diverse terrain right at your fingertips from Puma Lodge. With quick access to four distinct valleys, it offers choices to match the conditions and your desires!

Cortaderal and Cachapoal Valleys

Chilean powder skiing at it's finest

Located further south in the Andes, Puma Lodge boasts the allure of drier, softer powder. Dive into an extensive playground spanning hundreds of hectares, all dedicated to heli-skiing and heli-boarding, ensuring an unforgettable adventure in these remarkable mountains.



A great trip for large groups


Travel from Santiago by heli:

45 minutes



July, August &


Skier / Boarder Level:

Intermediate to Expert

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Travel from Santiago by van:

3 hours

Ski Tracks

Trip Offerings:

3, 4, 5 & 6 day trip

Heli & Skier

Daily approach to skiing:

5 minutes

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Down Day / Alternative Activities:

Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Trekking

How many days do you want to heli-ski?

3 Days

2 groups, 9 hours of flight time (4.5 hours per group)

$8,500/ person

4 Days

2 groups, 10 hours of flight time (5 hours per group)

$10,600/ person

5 Days

2 groups, 11 hours of flight time (5.5 hours per group)

$12,000/ person

6 Days Semi-private

2 groups, 12 hours of flight time (6 hours per group)

$14,000/ person

6 Days Private

1 group, 10 hours of flight time

$17,000/ person

Ultra Private

1 group 12 hours of flight time
3 people / 2 guides per helicopter & ultra deluxe package, Start w/ flight from Santiago & ends at Titanium.

$29,000/ person

Follow the Powder this Summer!

Find out when it's snowing and we have last minute seats available on our trips! We'll keep you up to date on the latest powder reports from Chile.


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