Clos Apalta overhead view

Staying at the family’s private residence in Clos Apalta is a uniquely personal experience, an authentic immersion in a natural and beautiful amphitheater.

The Cipreses Valley

Unexplored WIlderness

Journey South of Santiago to the Vast Cipreses Valley, a Wilderness of Unexplored Beauty Awaits! Here, you'll have access to endless hectares of untouched terrain, featuring steep runs that invite exploration. Much of this natural playground remains undiscovered, granting you the exhilarating opportunity to leave your mark with first descents and the personal touch of naming your own runs. Surrounded by majestic 5,000-meter peaks, the setting is as unique and unforgettable as your ski adventures.

Notably, this region played host to one of the most remarkable survival stories in human history—the 1972 plane crash of a Uruguayan rugby team in the Andean Mountains, an event documented in the timeless novel “Alive” and the movie from 1993.



Luxury Chilean Experience!


Travel from Santiago by heli:

40 minutes



July, August &


Skier / Boarder Level:

Heli Ski Beginners to Advanced

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Travel from Santiago by van:

2 hours

Ski Tracks

Trip Offerings:

6 day trip

Heli & Skier

Daily approach to skiing:

20 minutes

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Down Day / Alternative Activities:

Surfing, Biking, Treking
 Horseback Riding

How many days do you want to heli-ski?

3 Days

1 group, 6 hours of flight time

Trip Details

$12,000/ person

4 Days

1 group, 7 hours of flight time

Trip Details

$14,500/ person

5 Days

1 group, 8 hours of flight time

Trip Details

$16,500/ person


1 group, 10 hours of flight time

Trip Details

$19,000/ person

Ultra Private Week

1 group, 12 hours of flight time
3 people / 2 guides per helicopter & ultra deluxe package

Trip Details

$32,000/ person

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