Huge Snowfall in April!

We have some great and exiting news for this upcoming season. The heli-ski season in South America is less than two months away, and POWDER SOUTH Heli-Ski Guides and Owners are hard at work making preparations for the upcoming season.

Powder Skiing

We just got over a meter of snow last week in the Andes and we have more snow coming! it is only April and predictions are looking very positive for Powder South this winter.

New lodge south of Santiago

New for 2016, we are operating out of the VIK Lodge for private heli-ski trips ONLY this first season due to the high end nature of these accommodations.

The lofty heights, scenic landscapes and futuristic designs will take you to another world.

Perched on a hill top in the midst of an 11,000 acre estate, VIK Lodge in Chile is the cutting-edge, James Bond-esque design masterpiece of Alexander Vik and his wife Carrie, along with renowned Architect Marcelo daglio. Hovering in your carbon fiber hammock-style bathtub in the VIK suite after skiing great powder all day long, you can gaze out across the Lodge own private vineyard, over the rolling foothills of the Millahue Valley and out towards the snow-capped peaks you have just skied!

New Terrain Accessed from the VIK Lodge

We skied a bit south of our previous operation in vast and overwhelming great terrain,where we have access to thousands of hectares of unlimited terrain, most of this terrain is still  unexplored, so you will be doing first descents and naming runs! This is an amazingly vast mountain region offering a wide variety of perfect heli-skiing terrain. Every run is surrounded by a breathtaking backdrop of 5,000-meter peaks.

We have the benefit of a maritime snowpack, which is light and dry due to the high altitude, synonymous with champagne powder at its best. Snow accumulation comes from the Pacific Ocean, a mere 100 miles (160 km) west of the Andes. Flying conditions are best during winter due to an almost zero thermal reduction, which keeps the cumulus clouds away and leads to an abundance of clear days.

Historically Powder South average is 5 days of skiing out of 6 days in a week of skiing.

Follow the Powder this Summer!

Find out when it's snowing and we have last minute seats available on our trips! We'll keep you up to date on the latest powder reports from Chile.


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