Powder South Expanding to Argentina!

Exploration opportunities abound at POWDER SOUTH’s newest base opening in Argentina for the 2015 season

Renowned lodge The Vines to host PS skiers, riders in Mendoza region

More than a decade after POWDER SOUTH began pioneering heli-ski terrain in the heart of Chile’s Central Andes, we’re expanding into a new country and will be pioneering terrain in Argentina this coming season in 2015.

Our newest base, the world-famous Vines Resort and Spa, is unlike anything the ski industry has ever seen. Situated at the foot of the towering Andes range, 90 minutes from the Mendoza International Airport in Argentina’s renowned Uco Valley winemaking region, you can almost pick your line from the lodge, the view is that spectacular. The Vines is quite simply the most luxurious and stunning heli-ski lodge on the planet — no exaggeration!

As you can see from the photos, the lodge is spectacular, with exclusive villas up to 253 square meters (2,724 square feet) in size surrounded by 1,500 acres of private vineyards. The villas include private decks equipped with gas fireplaces and high-end finishes throughout, as well as an elegant main lodge, an infinity pool and hot tub, a private spa and fitness center, and a gourmet restaurant run by executive chef Francis Mallmann, one of the most famous chefs in the world. The best part? The peaks and potential for skiing and snowboarding are equally world-class.

Our terrain is just a short flight from the lodge and features runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Twelve years after we began naming EVERY run in the Central Andes of Chile, we are offering the same opportunity at the same latitude in Argentina. This kind of exploratory opportunity simply doesn’t exist in the heli-ski world anymore! Our founders have already scouted the peaks from the air and they are excited to introduce the bounty to you while pioneering new lines together.

We are offering everything from 3-day trips to weeklong adventures in the Uco Valley, so take a look at the options and decide what works best for you.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have as well.

Join us for the opportunity of a lifetime in 2015!

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